The MEDIA EYE Token Is Coming To LBank!

3 min readDec 8, 2021



The MEDIA EYE Team has begun the global roll-out for the eYe Token, in preparation of the upcoming launch of its unprecedented “BaaS” Platform for NFTs.

We are excited to share that the newly-released eYe token is headed to leading cryptocurrency exchange LBank. Deposits will be available on December 10th at 4PM UTC+8, with trading will open on December 11th at 4PM UTC+8, and withdrawals available on December 12th at 4PM UTC+8.

After a stellar launch of the $eYe token last month, including a sell-out dual IDO and presale, we are now approaching our first full month since the $eYe token has hit the market. $eYe is a potential diamond in the rough, with only a ~$4M market cap, there are plenty of reasons to be excited as we look forward — especially with the release of the MEDIA EYE NFT Portal this month, including our multi-token farms and automated user rewards pools. 50% of all fees earned on the platform will go to farmers and users rewards, an unrivalled percentage in the NFT sector today.

eYe token information can be found on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and DexTools; trading has commenced on both Uniswap, Pancakeswap, as well as BKEX — and now LBank! LBank serves as the latest partner for the MEDIA EYE platform, signaling the next step in the global roll out strategy, with other listings to follow as the platform expands its global presence.

New partnerships with the likes of Moralis, Giving Block and Lovelace in just the past few weeks, as well as the launch of the ERC20 and BEP20 swap bridge on, have spurred community excitement for the MEDIA EYE platform’s bright future.

The MEDIA EYE NFT Marketplace is slated to be unlike any other, and will include tailored features including the MEDIA EYE HUB, Events Gallery, Campaign Launcher, Curated Airdrops, Charity Place, Collections, Automated Rewards Pools (across both supported chains for users), Artist Royalties, NFT bundling, NFT Cross Chain transfer, gas optimized minting and a lot more.

Token contract for eYe on Ethereum and eYe on BSC:


More About MEDIA EYE:

MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is a “Baas” — Blockchain-as-a-Service platform built to enhance and simplify the process involved in buying, selling, minting, collecting, promoting and creating value with NFTs. The MEDIA EYE platform is designed to be user friendly, offering a “frictionless” experience for its users. MEDIA EYE is a multi-chain platform that offers a broad array of functionality designed to support a wide range of use cases for NFTs. MEDIA EYE is designed to be fully interoperable with EVM-compatible blockchains, with launch of its platform scheduled in the weeks to come on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Further expansion of its platform services on other blockchains to follow, such as: Avalanche, Solana, and more in the first half of 2022.

MEDIA EYE is community centric and highly focused on helping its users create value with NFTs across a broad range of market segments. The platform also focuses on reducing costs for its users by offering the first cross-chain subscription service in the NFT sector. MEDIA EYE removes the technical experience barrier for inexperienced blockchain users, through it’s easy to use, fun and stress-free platform.


For more general information, and to stay up-to-date on the MEDIA EYE platform, visit the official MEDIA EYE community links below:

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