Next Level for NFT Staking by MEDIA EYE!

2 min readJul 28


$eYe Cohort Farms & EYECONS Rebase Staking!


MEDIA EYE presents „Cohort Farms.” - a staking platform for $eYe, with up to 30% APR! All you have to do is be a holder and stake your coins! That’s not all: we are launching EYECONS Rebase & Multi-Token Staking in August. A completely unique system for NFT staking on Ethereum! Read this article to learn more!


The concept of staking is simple: you lock up a certain amount of $eYe tokens in the staking platform, and in return, you earn rewards with the potential to earn up to 30% APR, Cohort Farms offers an attractive opportunity to earn!


  1. Buy $eYe tokens: CoinGecko | CoinMarketCap
  2. Visit:
  3. Sign your wallet with $eYe tokens!
  4. Stake your tokens and earn with MEDIA EYE!

EYECONS Rebase & Multi-Token Staking

What sets EYECONS Rebase Staking apart is its combination of rebase staking with Multi-Token rewards and NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. Rebase staking involves adjusting the circulating supply of a token based on certain criteria. This dynamic feature ensures that the value of your staked tokens can grow over time, leading to even greater passive income potential.Become a holder, grow your portfolio and earn starting in August!

EYECONS NFT Mint: August

Rebase Staking: Launch in August!

Cohort Farms Staking will be replace with EYECON NFT Rebase Staking in August 2023. Cohort farms will continue to operate for liquidity farming only which can be done using $eYe tokens, to participate in farming pool for up to 50% of fees earned on MEDIA EYE platform,dropped every 90 days to farm for distribution to $eYe token stakers.

By becoming a $eYe holder and participating in these innovative platforms, you can grow your portfolio, earn rewards, and tap into the thriving world of NFTs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the future of passive income with MEDIA EYE. Get started today and secure your financial future with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

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EYECONS NFT: Twitter | Discord




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