Join MEDIA EYE Public Testnet Now!

2 min readJun 19


Attention MEDIA EYE community! We have some exciting news to share. Registration for our public testnet on Sepolia is open! We invite you to sign up to participate and earn lots of great prizes, including allocations of $eYe tokens, NFTs and pre-sale access to our upcoming limited edition lifetime memberships NFT collection – “EYECONs”.

Stage 1

You’ll get the opportunity to test:
- MEDIA EYE Marketplace,
- Collections Drop,
- Campaigns Creator,
- Standard or professional user accounts
- … (More services soon!)

Our public testnet incentives and rewards are based on a custom tasks performance points system.

How To Register?

1. Go to

2. Click Register.
3. Connect your wallet in the opened popup by clicking on Connect Wallet.
4. Enter your email not to miss our news and updates!
5. Click confirm!

Referral System

After registration, you will have access to a referral link to share with friends to invite them to participate in the Testnet.

1. Click Referral Link
2. Copy the link and send it to your friends! (This is a reusable link so that you can send it an unlimited number of times to anyone.)

3. Your friends need to register.

By inviting friends you will receive testnet points!

Tasks Lists:

We will soon announce the list of all tasks and prizes. Stay tuned!

Public Testnet Guideline

Mission 1: “[Mission Name]”

Description: …
Rewards: …

Check our Twitter to find out more about MEDIA EYE Testnet launch!

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