QUAI DAO is very excited to announce our planned launch of Media eYe NFT Portal in Q3.2021 — bringing the future of Tokenized Digital Content Media to the markets.

QUAI DAO is a DeFi Accelerator & Conglomerate that develops innovative DeFi projects and provides investors unique and vetted investment opportunities in highly lucrative decentralized markets.

As markets continue to revere NFTs as a new way to store, collect and trade digital media content, it is evident that the NFT market is continuing to fill a niche with entrepreneurs, collectors, artists, businesses and marketing agencies wishing to create high impact direct advertising, promotional campaigns, branding, brand awareness, gifts, collectibles, rewards and much more.

The NFT sector is growing in leaps and bounds, yet is still not recognized by many media & marketing conglomerates as a great tool for distribution of digitized content, which can help create, enhance and promote highly focused ad and brand awareness campaigns, with high impact media content.

QUAI DAO has recognized that today the market lacks a frictionless user friendly platform which offers all in-one create, mint and launch NFTs capability, built on a fully automated decentralized platform, offering it’s users.. ease of use, practical application, flexibility and high impact within their focus groups and target markets.

Media eYe, solves the problem of NFT creation, storage and distribution, which can be done cost effectively, securely and can range from creating a single NFT to a mass marketing campaign.

MeDIA eYe NFT is an innovative and unique platform, one that will revolutionize the NFT creator market. mediaeyenft.com