MEDIA EYE’s Team Vision is to Overcome the Pain Points of Web3!

2 min readApr 6


Web3 services are currently fragmented, meaning that there are many different platforms and protocols being developed, each with their own unique features and functionalities. This can make it difficult for users to navigate the space and find the right tools and resources for their needs.

Additionally, there is a lack of comprehensive web3 ecosystem services that conveniently offer a full cycle of creator to market services. This means that there is no single platform or protocol that provides all the necessary tools and resources for creators to develop, market, and monetize their web3 assets and services. Our team recognized these problems early on as we understood the necessity for a media & NFT services ecosystem that can address these and other pain points encountered by a variety of users looking to find effective practical means to benefit from web3 technologies.

Another challenge facing the development of web3 is public awareness. While there is a growing community of developers and enthusiasts in the space, the general public is still largely unaware of the potential benefits of web3 and decentralized technologies. This lack of awareness and comprehensive services offerings within a single ecosystem that address the needs of professionals and novices alike, stifles adoption.

Key points that MEDIA EYE team has made great effort to address by developing a wide array of programmable and customizable web3 services and in addition plans to introduce EYE Social platform services, which will provide social forums, spaces, management tools and integrated services capable of supporting diversity, inclusion, direct engagement and creation of awareness globally through the MEDIA EYE ecosystem.

Overall, we are addressing these and other challenges that we believe to be critical to building successful decentralized ecosystems and flourishing creator economies of tomorrow. This of course entails establishing a broad range of collaborations and partnerships across the web3 space, which MEDIA EYE is actively establishing across digital markets globally in order to drive awareness. In addition, offering convenient access with easy to understand customizable and programmable user services.

We are on a mission, and we won’t stop!

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