MEDIA EYE Introduces: EYECONS Rebase Staking & Multi-Token Rewards

2 min readSep 21


Experience it across leading & popular EVM-Compatible Blockchains!

EYECONS NFT enthusiasts can now tap into a diverse range of rewards offerings. Stake and get the opportunity to accumulate a variety of tokens and NFTs!

Highlights of EYECONS NFT Staking:

  • Rebase value increases every 30 days, up to a $500 staking value!
  • Multi-Token Rewards LVLs increase every 30 days!
  • Boost rebase staking value and multi-token rewards LVLs anytime!
  • Improve your leaderboard position to earn more!

To Celebrate EYECONS Staking Release — MEDIA EYE is launching ”Pepe Thursdays” offering stakers $Pepe token rewards drops every Thursday starting from 28.09 to 28.10.

Benefits of EYECONS NFTs:

  • Boost your potential rewards at any time!
  • Fair leaderboard competition
  • Enjoy consistent earnings and rewards
  • Enjoy a diverse variety of token/NFT rewards drops from popular and top-tier projects.
  • Stake on Ethereum and gain access to rewards drops across all supported EVM chains

Supported blockchains: Ethereum, BSC
Coming in September: zkSync, Base, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism

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