EYECON KEYS: Your Pass to the MEDIA EYE Ecosystem as an OG!

3 min readAug 16


EYECON Keys is unlock the exclusive EYECONS Lifetime Membership NFT collection, aimed to revolutionize NFT staking system. Our unique Rebase Staking with Multi-Token rewards service provides holders access to a diverse and progressive qrray of rewards. This exciting service redefines the NFT landscape by combining unique benefits, convenience and unparalleled utility.

EYECON Keys Free Airdrop:

Supply: 10.000
Blockchain: Polygon
Date: Sold Out!

Secondary Market:

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/eyecon-keys
Dew.gg: https://dew.gg/collection/eyecon-keys
MagicEden: https://magiceden.io/collections/polygon/eyecon-keys


Possessing an EYECON KEYS unlocks an array of exciting benefits within the MEDIA EYE Ecosystem. It’s an unique gateway to the exclusive EYECONS NFT collection:

  • EYECONS OG Mint Access: Each EYECON KEY grants its holder the right to take part in OG EYECONS NFT Mint with access to guaranteed and cheaper mint.
  • Holders-Only MEDIA EYE Campaigns: EYECON Key holders gain exclusive access to special campaigns and tasks, with the added incentive of cash and token prizes.
  • Discord “Keyholder” Rank: This distinct rank gives access to exclusive community giveaways and events. More NFTs you hold — more giveaway entries you have! The process is streamlined through Collab.Land verification right after the Airdrop.
  • Secondary Market & Holders Contests: A dynamic secondary market and engaging holders’ contests further enrich the EYECON KEYS experience.

Main Collection — EYECONS NFT Utility:

Keys holders will receive special opportunity to join the Lifetime Membership NFT collection powered by MEDIA EYE utility. The EYECONS NFTs extend their utility beyond their aesthetic appeal:

  • Rebase Staking: is unique a first-of-its-kind NFT staking service, where every 30 days staked NFT value rebases, and can reach up to $500 staking value over time.
  • Multi-Token Rewards: EYECON membersip NFT also offers stakers ability to earn level ups every 30 days, improve teir cances to recieve multi-token rewards drops from participating partner projects.
  • Pay & Go Service Discount: A remarkable 50% discount for MEDIA EYE paid services makes EYECONS NFTs even more attractive!
  • Holders-Only Community: Access to NFT-gated Discord channels packed with giveaways and whitelists for upcoming WEB3 projects solidifies the bond among holders.
  • DAO Access: EYECONS NFT holders are empowered to influence the MEDIA EYE Ecosystem’s direction through a voting system, reinforcing community engagement and decentralization.

EYECONS NFT — Details:

Supply: 10,000
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Date: August 31st, 2023

Mint Details:

OG Mint- Guaranteed Mint for EYECON Keys Holders!
Price: $40
Duration: 72 hours/Until Public Sale

Public Sale-
Price: 90$
Duration: Until Sold Out!

The EYECONS Lifetime Membership NFT Collection stands as a testament to the innovation within the NFT space, combining exclusivity with utility in an unprecedented manner.




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