AMA Podcast Recap with SpookySwap Community🔥

1 min readJun 30, 2022


Our AMA with @SpookySwap Community was Amazing!

These are the winners of the AMA:


2. AndyR#3296

3. Tezzz#7519

These questions were asked by the winners:

  1. What are key advantages of MEDIA EYE NFT PORTAL and what is your Business Model and what is fees structure of your NFT platform
  2. How does eYeSwap work internally? That is, in the WP it says that it allows exchanging $EYE with any other token. It makes me wonder if it works as a swap aggregator or does it have its own liquidity? If it is an aggregator, what are the swaps on each blockchain and why were they chosen over the rest of the swaps?
  3. It’s easy to talk about achievements and strengths of a project, but can you tell us what is the biggest obstacle or limitation faced by MEDIA EYE? Also, to what extent has the recent bear market influenced the development of the project and how has it been able to survive this bear market and continue to build and develop?

Davien Graham
NFT Architecture & Business Development




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