MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is the go-to BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platform created to support promoters, businesses, advertisers, brands, digital content creators, protocols and anyone looking to leverage the immense potential of NFTs globally. MEDIA EYE is developed as a multi-chain protocol in order to support NFT services across a wide array of verticals while offering access to global markets. MEDIA EYE is opening the METAGATE to its users, providing them with a diverse range of NFT supported use-cases in a wide range of markets. We are focused on helping everyone participate in the rapidly developing creator economy of Web 3.0 by bringing users into the METAVERSE. MEDIA EYE - NFTs UNBOUND! We are breaking down barriers and removing limitations by expanding the use case for NFTs across a broad range of digital content mediums including art, gaming, crypto, business, advertising, media, sports, charity and more.


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