A New Era of Utility and Rewards for NFT Stakers

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EYECONS NFT Collection — Rebase Staking and Multi-Token Rewards!


The EYECONS NFT collection not only allows stakers to earn $eYe tokens and multi-token partner rewards but also provides members with lifetime access to a diverse range of services within the MEDIA EYE ecosystem. This article explains the innovative features of the EYECONS NFT membership collection by MEDIA EYE.

EYECONS Rebase NFT Collection and Staking Rewards

The EYECONS collection introduces a novel concept called “rebase NFTs.” Unlike traditional NFTs that have fixed values, rebase NFTs periodically adjust in unit floor value, increasing staking value of each EYECON NFT based on duration staked. The value adjustment occurs every 30 days for each rebase cycle. EYECON stakers also receive a level up every 30 days. As participants accumulate levels, they improve their chances to receive additional token rewards drops.

Rebase staking rewards are denominated in $eYe tokens, the native utility token of the MEDIA EYE ecosystem. $eYe token rewards are distributed every 90 days to EYECON NFT stakers. It is required to stake your EYECON NFT for not less than 60 days in each 90-day staking cycle, to be eligible for $eYe token staking rewards.

Participants also earn levels for each rebase cycle of 30 days, improving their chances to receive additional token rewards from participating partner projects. This further incentivizes long-term participation and encourages EYECON NFT stakers to remain staked in order to participate in multi-token rewards drops from MEDIA EYE partner projects, explained below.

Multi-Token Rewards Drops from Partner Projects

EYECON NFT stakers receive more benefits by participating in the ecosystem staking program. One such advantage is the eligibility to receive multi-token rewards drops from partner projects. The partner rewards drops are allocated from top to bottom, starting with the highest levels of EYECON NFT stakers and cascading down until all partner token allocations are fully distributed.

To maximize the chances of receiving partner token rewards drops, it is recommended for EYECON NFT holders to continuously stake in order to increase their levels with each rebase cycle. This supports a dynamic and engaged community that benefits from collaborating with other projects, brands and creators.

EYECON Membership Unique Benefits

EYECONS are truly unique NFTs, setting them apart from the crowd. Holding an EYECON NFT not only signifies ownership of a rare digital asset but also grants access to an exclusive membership.

This membership provides EYECON holders with unparalleled access to a plethora of services offered by the MEDIA EYE protocol. Creators, projects, brands and traders can take advantage of easy-to-use minting suite, professional accounts, campaigns, customizable missions, extensive NFT trading services, integrated and native social media services and marketing tools.

While creators, projects and brands can also kick-start their NFT collections with MEDIA EYE collection drops platform. Additionally, professional accounts, dedicated creator/user spaces, and numerous other tools and opportunities are available to EYECON members.

MEDIA EYE Ecosystem Governance

EYECONS holders also have the power to influence the direction of the MEDIA EYE ecosystem. By actively participating in the governance process, NFT holders can submit proposals and vote on essential matters concerning the ecosystem’s development and growth. This democratic approach ensures that the community’s voice is heard and contributes to a transparent and decentralized ecosystem.


The EYECONS NFT collection introduces an exciting and groundbreaking approach to NFTnomics and utility. With rebase cycles and unique rewards distribution system, EYECON stakers are encouraged to engage in the long-term growth of the MEDIA EYE ecosystem and EYECONS collection. The added benefits of partner rewards drops and exclusive membership services make EYECONS an exciting proposition for NFT enthusiasts, creators, projects and brands alike.

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