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✅ NFT Marketplace

✅ NFT Collections

✅ NFT Airdrops & Bounties

✅ NFT Bundling

✅ NFT Featured Content

✅ Proceed splits

✅ Artist Royalties

✅ Charity Place

✅ Millions of Pixels Canvas

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MeDIA eYe NFT Portal: December Recap


As we rapidly approach the beta launch of the MeDIA eYe Portal, we have ramped up activity to bring in 2022!

We started off December with an update to the platform’s tokenomics and token metrics, to optimize token specifics…


The MeDIA eYe team has begun the global roll-out for the eYe Token, in preparation of the upcoming launch of its unprecedented “BaaS” Platform for NFTs.

We are excited to share that the newly-released eYe token is headed to leading cryptocurrency exchange LBank. Deposits will be available on December 10th…

Hi MeDIA eYe Community,

MeDIA eYe’s own Victor @VICTORYTHREEFOLD sat down with the team over at Satoshi Club for the latest Telegram AMA to kick off December. The team talked tokenomics, security, and MeDIA eYe platform features — along with a whole lot more.

Check out the full AMA transcript…

MeDIA eYe NFT Portal

MeDIA eYe NFT is an innovative and unique platform, one that will revolutionize the NFT creator market.

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